Work Study Program

Work Study Program


We will be excepting five students into a 6 month Work Study Program . What is the work study program ? It will be $45 unlimited month package for those enrolled . The requirements will be to take a minimum of 3 classes a week , and write their own monthly progress reports .

To apply for the Work Study Program email Glenn Brown at , and include one paragraph of what you’d like to benefit from practicing yoga . Everyone is welcome to apply , but my hope is to help college students , single parents, and low income families have an opportunity to have a more consistent practice , and to experience more benefits from having a more consistent practice.

If the minimum requirements are not met , and there isn’t communication of intent , you will lose your spot in the study for at least 6 months , or until another spot opens up .

I hope to see people taking advantage of this , and if so it will be done in 6 month groupings . If you have more questions , email the address above .