Two Studio’s for one membership!

Lets start Spring off with some awesome news ! Your New Albany Lionflow Yoga Studio Packages now also work at Yogaia Studio in Louisville! Lionflow memberships gets you into the Lionflow classes , but the rest of the scheduled classes at Yogaia are not included in the Lionflow membership . We did come up with a $150 month unlimited that covers both studios !

So to be as clear as possible. .. you pay at the studio you have traveled to , if you have a Lionflow membership you bought in New Albany it covers Lionflow classes at Yogaia, and both studios will offer the $150 month unlimited that will cover both studios. .. 🙂

Collaboration can be confusing , but yoga does mean Unity , so let’s do some yoga !

One small schedule change

Ok , the consensus on the 415pm Flow One is that it is easier for everyone to make it by 430 . That still leaves 15 minutes before the next class , so we are moving the 415pm to 430pm starting tonite . I appreciate the input to help make the schedule accommodating. We’ll see you in class !


Snow Day !

Lionflow yoga studio is closed for a snow day today , Friday the 22nd . Go ahead & snuggle back up with your pillow , or clean your whole house … whatever you like to do with your down time , but be safe on the roads , and we’ll be open for business tomorrow , unless otherwise is posted on the website . Have a great day & be safe !


Grand Opening Party

The Grand Opening Party for the new Lionflow Yoga Studio is today , Satuday 12/12/15 , from 1230 to 2pm . There will be snacks , drinks , and you can bring something if you like. This Party is potluck style . Children are welcome, and everyone else is too 😉

Have a great weekend!


Here is Rumi with a farewell namaste’ to the old studio . The journey continues, and it’s been quite an adventure already. 

Soft opening

The new studio is not completely finished, but we will still open for class this morning. The signs are not up yet , and won’t arrive in the mail until tomorrow , so go by the address for now , and park on Jay Street, or behind the house on the parking pad . Please do not use any of the neighbors parking . 

Today & tomorrow we will be practicing in the front room studio , while the back room is completed . Saturday we will have a Grand opening party after the 12pm class . We’ll have desserts & drinks . Just type in 1931 E. Spring St. Into your gps , and ther shouldn’t be a problem finding the studio . Have a
great week & we look forward to seeing you in class !


Studio Relocating!

The Lionflow Yoga Studio will be moving . Sunday is the last day at the current studio space . We have enjoyed the studio immensely. I love the windows , the location , and how much my son enjoys playing there during class , but the business side of signing a new lease compared to a lease to own contract has made the decision for me .

I am so thankful for the students , trainees, and fellow teachers that have enriched the experience of teaching at this studio . I am grateful to all who shared there yoga journey with this studio . Now a new chapter begins .

The studio will be moving about a half mile down the road to 1931 E. Spring St. , New Albany In . It is a straight drive leaving the current studio heading toward New Albany .


There isn’t parking on Spring Street , but there is ample parking in the alley behind the house , and even more on Jay Street . To park turn on Jay or Thomas Street . Park on these streets , or turn on the alley & look for the Lionflow sign by the carport . There will also be a sign in the front yard . We will be practicing in a historic home currently used for business offices . Here is a better look .


So we will have regular scheduled classes through Sunday , and then we will close for 3 days , Monday – Wednesday , and will open for business at the new studio Thursday December 3rd . The current schedule will remain after the studio transition. 

Lastly , lets have a party ! This Saturday after class at 1230 pm we will have a party to enjoy this studio together one last time . There will be drinks , and we can also make it a Thanksgiving leftover potluck .

Thank you for your part in supporting Lionflow Yoga Studio . Sincerely,

Glenn Brown
Founder / Manager / Teacher / Artist
Lionflow Yoga Studio

New Introductory Package

The Introductory package has been 3 classes for $20 for some time . We are scrubbing the old package & are now offering two weeks for $20 . This will be the new Introductory package ( meaning it’s only available for first time students ) , but to give this new package a proper welcome it will be available for all students until the 8th of August . So take advantage while you can .

You can also buy 3 Introductory packages as gift certificates for $50 to help spread the yoga love .

Yoga Students –
We will be excepting five students into a Work Study Program . What is the work study program ? It will be $45 unlimited month package for those enrolled . The requirements will be to take a minimum of 3 classes a week , write their own monthly progress reports , and complete one studio chore a month ( cleaning windows , mopping floors , handing out flyers ).

To apply for the Work Study Program email Glenn Brown at , and include one paragraph of what you’d like to benefit from practicing yoga . Everyone is welcome to apply , but my hope is to help college students , single parents, and low income families have an opportunity to have a more consistent practice , and to experience more benefits from having a more consistent practice.

If the minimum requirements are not met , and there isn’t communication of intent , you will lose your spot in the study for at least 6 months , or until another spot opens up .

I hope to see people taking advantage of this , and if so it will be done in 6 month groupings . If you have more questions , email the address above .