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Lionflow Classes

Lionflow Progressive Yoga Class Levels

The Five Lionflow Class Form Levels

Lionflow Intro Form – 45- 60 minutes – Stability is the focus of this form. The sequence is specific to building stabilizing & supportive muscles, while also working & relieving tension from our usual compensating muscles. This helps build the coordination, and strength necessary to move with control so you can safely progress your practice. Outside of class this new strength & control can help you build up less negative tension over the coarse of your day because the body will learn to coordinate instead of compensating.

Lionflow Intermediate Form – 60 – 75 minutes – Intermediate level focused on safely increasing intensity.

Lionflow Advanced Form – 75 – 90 minutes – Advanced level for unlocking strength & flexibility.

Lionflow Master Class – 2+ hours – A complete flow of all posture sequence, including the Taoist Meditation & Hsing – I series.
Specialty Classes –

Taoist Meditation – 60+ minutes – For all levels, focused on breathing techniques, meditating in standing & sitting poses , how to find outer stillness & inner silence , and how to safely warm down from meditating.

Simha Flow – 30/45 minutes – This is a short Advanced class that all levels of students are welcome to . The teacher adds sequence & postures of their choosing to the core structure of the Lionflow warm up , for a continuous , fluid flow .

Simha Sadhana – 60+ minutes – For all levels, focused on how to build a safe, short, and progressive home practice.

Hsing-I Kung-fu – 60+ minutes – For all levels, Kung-fu warm ups, animal & element forms, and a yoga warm down.

Classic 84 class – 90+ minutes – Advanced level class based on the origin of yoga posture series .

Full Class Level Descriptions ~

Master Class ~ All of the series for the other 5 classes are in this class . You don’t do each class back to back , but rather all of the different class series are done in sequence . As well the more difficult series not in the other 5 classes will be included in this series . It comes from a time before I’d started teaching my private practice on a regular basis . The idea is to test your physical limits safely . The ego is broken apart in this challenging class , and genuine confidence is built by actual achievement . You will learn how to meditate in physically challenging poses , and will then reap deeper relaxing meditation in the later stages of class because of it . This class will take you on a journey to knowing yourself better , and achieving more than you ever thought possible with your physical body .

Taoist Meditation ~ This meditation class isn’t just sitting meditation . Qi-gong is a type of standing meditation with both still , and moving arm positions while maintaining deep leg stances . Its purpose is to warm up the body internally , and also to align the bodies energy meridians in sequence . This gives you circulation in all the systems of the body getting you ready for whatever comes next in your day, while also working on the longevity of your body for long-term benefit . For truly deep meditation the superficial focuses on the mind & body must be peeled back . It is like trying to peel an onion one layer at a time . So the Qi-gong is used to quite the physical anxieties , and to begin quieting the mind while focusing on alignments of your standing meditations . Also it is used to both heighten your circulation , and start giving you some control over it with focused breathing . In the sitting part of class the mental & emotional layers will be focused on first , to peel back the layers of your usual subconscious distractions . Using meditation techniques to help you make peace with those you think about the most by merely thinking of what it is you have to say to them , and then letting it go so you can move on . After that process the body & mind are ready for true quite meditation . To get the lungs ready many physically challenging breathing techniques are used leaving your lungs ready to meditate . After a silent meditation a Yoga warm down is used to help you shake off any left over tension . Leaving you with both the physical , and mental calmness you came to a meditation class for . There are no religious overtones to this class . The mission of this class is to teach techniques for people to use to relax their body & mind for meditation , and also to focus on the physical practice of breathing exercises without any religious bombardment . Leaving your beliefs alone so you can enjoy the physical benefits of your meditation experience .

Simha Sadhana ~ 60+ minutes – For all levels – based on building home yoga practices using the Lionflow 5 step method to build 5 posture yoga series with specific focus for each individual student .

Hsing-I Kung-fu ~ This ancient Kung-fu form is not a Lionflow class , but is part of the inspiration for it . Hsing-I is an internal martial art based on energy flow , and imitation of animal & element forms . Created to keep you battle ready with a peaceful form based practice . Burning lines into your mind , and reaction time with the daily practice of animal & element forms .

Classic 84 class ~ This is not a Lionflow class , but is an interpretation of the root yoga series from which all yoga series derived . Passed from teacher to student for many generations . Interpreted & reinterpreted . Adjustments are made for different needs of the different generations , though the core remains . This challenging class opens up the body to learn any posture , even those not in the class , and also prepares the body & mind for more effective seated meditation . One of the original intentions of practicing yoga postures was to prepare the body for seated meditation . Asana , commonly translated to ” pose or posture ”, actually at its root means ” to sit ” . This is a great class for yoga teachers , dancers , martial artist , and serious athletes of all types including disciplined yoga practitioners .