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App link

Here is a link to Pocketsuite to sign up for class – Reserve Class

Finally… the new schedule

Hello Everyone,

For starters, Lionflow Yoga Studio is nolonger using the Mindbody app for class reservations. We are now using Pocketsuite . Download the app, then find Lionflow Yoga Studio & go through the motions to reserve a class just to figure out the process. The first time through the app will have you put in your contact info & will then send you a confirmation # to use to complete signing up for class. I believe it is only that complicated the first time.

Below is the new Lionflow Yoga Studio schedule. It is the most minimal schedule I may have ever posted. To be frank about why, my son is now homeschooling full time. Some time sacrifices had to made. With this new schedule though, will come special events & workshops I have not had time for of late. Many new things are coming with this transition, and it has been & will continue to be my honor to share Lionflow Yoga with you. Thank you for supporting my dream & passion, no matter how often you have been to class.

Lionflow Yoga Studio Weekly Class Schedule

  • Monday
  • 6:15 pm – Intro Form
  • Tuesday
  • 7:15 am – Simha Flow
  • 5:45 pm – Intermediate Form
  • Wednesday
  • 6:15 pm – Intro Form
  • Thursday –
  • 7:15 am – Simha Flow
  • 6 pm – Intermediate Form
  • Friday
  • 9 am – Intermediate Form
  • 5:15 pm – Intro Form
  • 6 pm – Advanced Form
  • Saturday
  • 10:30 am – Intermediate Form
  • Sunday – Open for Workshops & Special Events

Class Prices – Effective 2/1/2018 the class prices will be as follows;

$10 – Intro Form & Simha Flow ( 45 minute classes )

$15 – Intermediate Form ( 75 minute class )

$20 – Advanced class ( 90 minute class )

Packages will cover each of these classes. Special classes & events will be listed with their own prices witj their information.

We look forward to seeing you in class !

Updating website , class names , prices , and schedule.Β 

While the studio is in this transitional period with classes in my home , where Lionflow Yoga began a decade ago , I’m going to update … everything . It’s a Lionflow Spring cleaning ! 

One of the changes will be the Lionflow class names . In 2010 right before my son was born , I moved the studio out of the house for the first time , and with this move came the first class schedule with names for the different class levels . Before that time I only taught Lionflow as private lessons , and before the style was named Lionflow Yoga , it was called my private practice . Since that time new classes have been developed, and the old class names made less sense . 

So the new class names for the core Lionflow Classes will be ; Intro Form , Intermediate Form , Advanced Form, and Master Form . These are the same classes you are familiar with just with new names that come with renewed pupose . I will describe how the old class names compare to the new ones , and will talk about how we will use the new set up to teach you more about details , and where sequence lead . 

Each class form level has a short form & a long form . The teacher will draw from each to accommodate the students particular needs & skills . With this format students will get to see where sequence lead , learn more poses , and have more fun/challenge in each class . The schedule will not differentiate between short & long form , it will only list the class levels as Intro , Intermediate , Advanced , and Master Form . 

One side note . If you are practicing for exercise , that is intermediate level . Beginner, or intro level is for learning how to move safely , breathe , and to learn how to interpret what you see into physical action . As well Beginner / Intro is the most useful step for recovery , gentle therapy , and for building the strength, stability, and range of motion to practice longer classes & more postures safely. Point being if you are a regular practicioner , or an athlete with no serious injuries looking for a yoga class , you may want to start with the Intermediate Form for a longer , more challenging class . Also , as any student learns to move safely , and breathe with control, they should feel more comfortable taking any level of class . Because with a healthy knowledge of how to practice, “advanced” levels of class only mean the opportunity to learn more poses , and to practice a longer class . In reality , when we cannot do the final position of poses we can greatly improve our practice by working on & holding the first steps of these challenging poses . There is a misconception that yoga is not an intense  work out because most aspiring students do not practice enough to learn how to practice more advanced sequence safely . Without this experience a student is locked into beginner forms of class without the access to their own potential in more advanced forms of practice. 

With this new format for classes there will be more focus on teaching. Meaning that as oppose to just leading class the teacher will take time to teach lessons about more subtle details to help students get more out of class, and reach deeper into their potential. Especially in the Intro Form . In the Intro Form of class there will be a lesson within each class about breathing , leverage, and alignment to help better prepare beginners for the next levels of class . Below are the new class names compared to the old class names . You will see these adjustments on the website & schedule today. 

New name / Old name 

Intro Form / Gentle Basics

Intermediate Form/ Intro to Lionflow & Flow One

Advanced Form / Flow Two & Flow Three

Master Form / Master class 

New Home Studio Schedule ! Effective 1/23/17

Good ThingsΒ 

Hello Everyone ,

So … this old dinosaur is trying to learn some new tricks . The Lionflow Yoga Studio is now on Mind Body . What does that mean ? Well , now you can buy classes / gift certificates / & pay for workshops online , you can check in for classes online , and you could write nice things about the studio for people to read πŸ˜‰ We can also easily keep track of your classes , and since we are still having class at the Spring street location during the new studio renovations , you can see if there is room in class for you , if we get everyone to start checking in prior to class . So lets give it a shot , so if your planning to come to class try going on the site to check in . Here is the link for the Lionflow Yoga Mind Body website -

Secondly , Lionflow Yoga now has a subscription website on Vimeo ! There are the options to subscribe for access to all of the videos , or to buy or rent individual videos . The site will be dedicated to helping build a safe & progressive home yoga practice . So you can write me on the site , tell me your needs/ wants & I will post a video for you that is named after you πŸ™‚ Here is the link to the Vimeo site –

Thirdly , Glenn became a certified Tai Chi Instructor early this month ! So soon we will have sign ups for a 6 to 8 week Tai Chi session , meeting a couple times a week . This Tai Chi style ( there are 5 main styles of Tai Chi ) was composed by Dr. Paul Lam for arthritis & fall prevention using the Sun style of Tai Chi . What does that mean ? This Tai Chi class is for all levels , and it’s therapeutic qualities are good for everyone . For yoga practicioners this Tai Chi form is good for learning to have smooth steady strength in the movements between poses , and will help soothe & strengthen the deep , hard to reach places in the joints & internal muscle structure . This means quicker recovery & reduced inflammation. All good things ! We are excited to add this to the Lionflow Yoga Schedule , and will keep you updated on class times & sign ups . 

Lastly – A new facebook Lionflow Yoga page is up . On it you can check in to let your friends know they need to come practice yoga with you … and us πŸ™‚ All of the Workshops will be posted on there as well . Here is the link –

That is all for now . Have a great weekend , and we look forward to practicing with you !

On to the Finals!

Donna , Paloma , and I all made it to the finals tomorrow ! You can watch us on the live steam at . Donna will go Sunday between 11:25 – 12:10 PM in the Seniors division . I  will go
1:20 – 2:05 PM for the Adult Male Division , and Paloma will go between
2:25 – 3:10 PM in the Female Division , and the Closing Ceremony and Awards will be at 3:45 PM .

Thanks for all the support & encouraging messages that have been sent . We will see you in class Tuesday night . Sincerely,

Glenn Brown
Owner / Manager
Lionflow Yoga Studio


Flag pose

Teachers leaving to compete

The Lionflow Yoga Studio will be closed  tonite through next Tuesday morning , with the exception of Thursday & Friday morning classes which will be on add usual .

Donna , Paloma , and I will be traveling to Wyoming for the National Yoga Championship . Elizabeth Spears also qualified for Nationals, but is unable to attend.  It has been an honor to train this year with these amazing Yogini’s ! You can watch the Championship on on Saturday to see us compete . There is a time difference , so check the website to see when we will go , and I’ll post more info before Saturday. Have a great week !

Glenn Brown
Owner / Manager
Lionflow Yoga Studio