About Lionflow

What is Lionflow Progressive Yoga ?

Lionflow Progressive Yoga is a blend of Yoga postures , Qi-gong , and Kung-fu stances designed to warm up the body from the inside to keep you safe as you strive to deepen your postures . In these classes you will learn the benefits of the Yoga strengths ; pushing , pulling , squeezing , flexing , stretching , compressing , balancing , relaxing , and breathing . With these strengths you will see & feel your practice grow .

Also the movements between postures are focused on . To build focus , muscle memory , and strengthen the stabilizing muscles throughout the body . If you have a deep curiosity about your bodies potential , want more knowledge for your home practice , or you just want a challenge to help accelerate you life , this is a Yoga style you will enjoy .

There is a class level for the beginning student , through the most advanced student , and a couple for those in between . Whatever level of student you are these Lionflow Yoga  classes will work every muscle , and develop your range of motion without forcing anything .

The mission of this Yoga is to take what is perceived as great strength , balance , and flexibility , and to make it as easy as breathing . Without forcing anything  , your power will be harnessed without strain .

Where did Lionflow Progressive Yoga  come from ?

Lionflow Progressive Yoga is what came of Glenn Brown’s private Taoist – Raja/Hatha Yoga practice . Practiced & refined in private for over 20 years as self preparation for sports , and to see & feel personal growth  . With continual private practice even while learning from Kung-fu Masters , and great  Yoga Gurus , Lionflow Yoga was born & refined as the base of Glenn’s personal workout .

Not knowing if people would enjoy this methodology of intense yoga practice at first it was only shared with friends . It was the Yoga competition that demonstrated to Glenn that practitioners need more knowledge about how to safely warm up to achieve they’re best flexibility & strength without forcing anything , since forcing poses is what causes injury with what is supposed to be a therapeutic practice .

So Glenn found the core theory of the personal practice he had developed , so that different levels of poses could be organized following the same structure to teach different levels of students . After working with all levels of students , different class forms developed for the different levels of students , following the same core theory . Thus was the beginning of Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts , LLC .

What is a Lionflow Yoga Class like ?

In the layers of Lionflow Yoga are parallels to the 5 element wheel of Qi-gong , and Hsing-I Kung-fu , as well as parallels to the 8 limb path of Yoga , and 4 branches of the Vedas . These layers are there , but like learning a song , you start with the lyrics & melody . To learn how to play all the instruments in the song takes more time . So in class the focus is kept on where your body is in the moment , and how you should be breathing for more benefit .  In class you will find little posture naming , heavy Sanskrit dialogue , or continuous verbage . Instead the class instructions are very specific in leading you into position , and telling you what to do there . Once you’re in a pose to your safest maximum , you’ll be given time for a few breaths , then you will be guided step by step into the next position . Deeper stretching , and longer poses are saved for when the body is warmed up to keep you safe & progressing .

Time is not given to force a pose deeper , instead you are given time to see what your body can do today . With smooth , intentional , unforced , and non-aggressive motion into the poses , and only a few breaths to find the edge of your maximum before moving smoothly back out of the pose . This movement makes class like a conversation with your body instead of an argument , and progress is found with diligence , and patience . In letting go of the ego that would drive you to force something , you can realize what state you are really in physically . At that point you can recognize , and challenge your limitations making your potential grow  without boundaries .

Extra instructions on alignment will come when the teacher of class notices you didn’t learn something from watching . Some adjustments will be reserved , waiting till your body is ready for them , but also to give you the chance to make the discovery in the pose yourself . A reason for this is to give you a chance to learn that yoga is a journey of self discovery .

This does not mean however that the teacher will not be watching you to make sure you’re safe , or will leave you in a pose without giving you adjustments . You will be well taken care of , and the teacher will guide you safely through class looking for ways to help you progress with small adjustments to your form , but progress will not be forced .

Glenn Brown                                                                                                     Owner/Teacher/Artist                                                                                                         Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts , LLC

Short Teacher Bio~

Glenn Brown was certified in Hsing-I Kung-fu , Qi-gong , and acupressure by Sifu Dwan of the Red Dragon School of Martial Arts , in England in 2001 . Then certified in the Bikram Yoga in 2002 . He also represented  Indiana in the USA Yoga Championship ( Bishnu Ghosh Cup ) 9 times , and has been the Indiana Mens Yoga Champion 9 years running .